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Cloud Giant
Tw3 journal cloud giant.png
Clouds above the Land of a Thousand Fables
Vulnerable to
Ogroid oils
Infused shard
Cyclops' eye
Greater red mutagen
Other loot

Associated quest[]

Bestiary entry[]

Many things fall from the sky other than rain and snow. Frogs, for example… And the Cloud Giant.
– Sibald “Fang” Faalde, shepherd from Fox Hollow.

The Cloud Giant is most likely a degenerated illusory being. He is an inhabitant of the castle in the sky in the Land of a Thousand Fables. This land was abandoned and left untended for years, during which time it began to rot, fester and degrade.

The Cloud Giant was most likely meant to be a pleasant-natured strongman who would carry the duke’s young daughters on his shoulders and never grow tired. When he became degenerated and overgrown, however, he turned into a dangerous monster.

After Jack stole his goose that laid golden eggs, the Cloud Giant decided in the future anyone who climbed onto his cloud would be tossed off, without a word of warning.