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A Cockatrice is an ornithosaur, also known as a "skoffin" or "kurolishek".

In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt[]

Tw3 journal cockatrice.png
Vulnerable to
Grapeshot bombs
Draconid oils
Cockatrice mutagen
Cockatrice stomach
Cockatrice egg
Monster feather
Monster brain
Monster blood
Monster bone
Monster claw
Monster eye
Monster heart
Monster carapace
Monster saliva
Monster tongue
Other loot
Cockatrice trophy

Cockatrices are relatively rare. Other than Shrieker, one can be found northeast of the Oxenfurt Gate, not far from the small lake west of Yantra. Another one can be found on Ard Skellig, near the lake north east of Fornhala (close to Kaer Dhu).

Associated quests[]

Bestiary entry[]

Had meself eight heifers, five of 'em milchers. Then this cockatrice sprung up nearby, and now all's I got left's dried patties in an empty field.
— Jethro, peasant from Pindal
Foolish superstitions claim cockatrices, like basilisks, can kill with their gaze alone. That is utter nonsense, however, a cockatrice's gaze being no more dangerous than that of an angry goose. One should instead watch out for it's sharp beak and long tail, which it can whip to murderous effect.
Cockatrices thrive in dark caves, abandoned ruins, cobwebbed dungeons and old basements. Though small compared to griffins and manticores, they are more than capable of killing anyone who stumbles across them in a dark corridor.
Cockatrices do not shun direct fights, in which they strike furiously with wing and tail in an attempt to exhaust their foes. Blows from their beaks are especially dangerous, as they aim with deadly precision at exposed flesh and vital organs and leave bleeding, life-threatening wounds. When fighting them one should make liberal use of draconid oil as well as Grapeshot, whose shrapnel will pierce their delicate wings with ease.


In The Witcher computer game[]

Bestiary Cockatrice full.png
Cockatrices nest in caves and dark cellars
High resistance to poisons; difficult to knock down
Sensitive to silver and Ornithosaur Oil
A cockatrice tries to surprise its opponent, strike suddenly and poison him with its venom
Cockatrice eyes

Journal Bestiary Entry[]

"Cockatrices are born of eggs laid by roosters consorting with other roosters. The egg must be incubated for forty-four days by a toad, which is devoured by the little beast as soon as it hatches. A cockatrice hates everything that lives so fiercely that its glance turns the living to stone. Only a bold adventurer with a mirror can deflect its deadly gaze and defeat the cockatrice."




  • Their remains will not contain their feathers until you have this bestiary entry.
  • The Beast of the Sewers encountered as part of the Prison Break quest is a Greater cockatrice, and therefore different from the creature described above. It is also one of the two trophy quests in Chapter II, and the only story-required trophy quest in the whole game.

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