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The Witcher DVD cover This article concerns a location that appears only in The Witcher computer game. Its contents might therefore contradict information from Andrzej Sapkowski's books and other adaptations.

a collapsed tower
another collapsed tower
a third view

There are actually two collapsed towers to the north, in the Swamp. One is just north of the Mage's tower and the other, west of the tower closer to Wyvern Island. Both are previous incarnations of the current Mage's tower which were struck down by the Gods: the first by a terrible storm and the second by an earthquake. The third tower, the Mage's tower, remains intact but impenetrable, to this day.

Associated quests[]


  • One group of kidnapped brickmakers is found near the collapsed tower to the north of the Mage's tower.
  • The path through the forest, especially where it winds through these collapsed towers is a very good place to find alghouls, ghouls and cemetaurs at night during Chapter III.
  • This same area is rife with beggartick and feainnewedd.