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Witcher contract
"Contract: Doors Slamming Shut"
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Witcher contract
Suggested level
Moldavie Residence
Notice board / Kurt Dysart
300 XP earned based on the Story and Swords! difficulty level / 340 crown(s)


Contract: Doors Slamming Shut is one of the contracts available in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Contract: Haunted House
I seek a witcher of unsullied reputation (documentation regarding prior achievements and written references preferred) who will undertake the task of combing the residence on the outskirts of the city recently acquired by the undersigned, Count Kurt Dysart, in order to find and drive off or kill the creature which is haunting it. A sizable reward is guaranteed.
Kurt Dysart, Count of Anchor by writ of King Foltest (temporarily in residence at the Kingfisher)

Journal entry[]

Sprawling out-of-town manors always hide their fair share of mysteries, and the residence on Novigrad's outskirts were [sic] no exception. When Geralt found out about a haunted manor owned by a certain Kurt Dysart, he agreed at once to look into the matter.
Geralt discovered the haunted house hid secrets not within its walls, but underneath its foundations. A powerful earth elemental, also known as a d'ao, had been imprisoned in its basement. Geralt knew the creature would destroy the entire neighborhood in the blink of an eye were it ever to break free. He had to act quickly.
Geralt deactivated the magic barrier which had kept the elemental imprisoned and then destroyed it. Once this was done, he had but to visit the manor's owner to collect his reward.


  • Talk to Kurt Dysart
  • Travel to the haunted mansion
  • Investigate the haunted mansion using your Witcher Senses
  • Find some details on the history of the house from the previous tenants' journal that's located in one the chests
  • Investigate the basement using your Witcher Senses
  • Find Amaverick of Sorano's journal
  • Find the earth elemental
  • Deactivate the magical barrier
  • Kill the earth elemental
  • Take a trophy from the earth elemental
  • Collect your reward from Kurt Dysart