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Witcher contract
"Contract: Swamp Thing"
Tw3 swamp thing ignis fatuus.png
Witcher contract
Suggested level
Crookback Bog
Notice board in Downwarren / Leslav
265 XP earned based on the Story and Swords! difficulty level / 510 crown(s) (if Geralt waits a week)
Foglet trophy
Foglet mutagen


Contract: Swamp Thing is one of the contracts in The Witcher 3.

Contract: Monster from the Swamp
Anyone knows how to read, read this, and read it careful, so that it's known far and wide, or at least throughout the whole village.

Out in the bog, by where we dig peat, there's a beast what feeds on men and spurts out deadly mists all around itself. If you're good with a sword and looking for coin, know that I'll pay and pay well for that beast's head. And to everyone else, stay out of that accursed bog if you value your lives. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Journal entry[]

Near the village called Downwarren, Geralt came across a man who dug peat for a living. One glance was enough to know something was ailing the poor fellow. He warned the witcher about a strangling fog which had sprung up in the nearby swamp. The man's story convinced Geralt a monster was at work and so he decided to look into the matter.
Geralt's investigation took him to the very heart of the swamp. As he was walking an exceptionally hideous foglet suddenly jumped out at him from an unusually thick patch of fog. The monster was old and strong, making defeating of it no easy labor. Geralt managed the task, however, and a few moments after the foglet breathed its last, the poisonous fog dispersed and the witcher could at last fill his lungs safely.
If Geralt insists on payment immediately:
Hoping to find someone who would offer him a reward, Geralt went to Downwarren. A peat digger residing in that village was grateful Geralt had enabled a return to his labors and so handed the witcher some coin.
If Geralt waits a week for payment:
Hoping to find someone who would offer him a reward, Geralt went to Downwarren. A peat digger residing there was grateful to the witcher for enabling him to return to his labors and promised the witcher a generous reward - if he could stand to wait a few days while he gathered more funds. Geralt agreed, and in return for his patience received a purse full of gold crowns.


  • Find out what's killing people in the fog
  • Navigate the illusions to find the foglet (25 XP earned based on the Story and Swords! difficulty level)
  • Use the Eye of Nehaleni to see through the illusion
  • Kill the foglet
  • Take a trophy from the foglet's body
  • Collect the reward for the foglet (mutually exclusive)
    • Return in a week to collect the agreed-on reward plus interest
    • Collect the agreed-on reward from the contract issuer




  • Upon completing the quest, Geralt has the option of agreeing to wait one week in order to receive double the payment offered, or demanding payment on the spot, which results in less than the original offer.