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Coronata Vineyard
Coronata Vineyard
Blood and Wine
East of Plegmund's Bridge, north of Dulcinea Windmill
Sansretour Valley, Toussaint
Fast-travel point

Coronata is one of the renowned vineyards of Toussaint. In the "Blood and Wine" expansion, the owner is now Liam de Coronata.

Map description[]

This line's founder, Stefan de Coronata, once asked a druid to help him be rid of the caterpillars devouring his vines. The druid suggested he raise martens, which love to feed on that insect's larvae. Stefan duly took the druid’s advice and soon eradicated the plague not only in his own vineyard, but in all the neighboring ones as well. In return for this bounteous deed, he was awarded a noble title. He chose a blue wolf to adorn his crest, after deciding he would look foolish parading about with a marten on his shield.

Points of interest[]