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Secondary quest
Secondary quest
Suggested level
?? XP earned based on the Story and Swords! difficulty level / ?? crown(s)

Coronation is one of the quests available in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Journal entry[]

At last, the day had come. The long interregnum was at an end. The jarls of Skellige had gathered to choose which of the claimants would be crowned King Bran's successor. Notable representatives from the clans and common Skelligers alike rubbed shoulders around the sacred oak on Hindarsfjall, eager to witness the coronation of their new ruler. Among them - Geralt of Rivia.
If Cerys becomes queen of Skellige:
It was done. The Skelligers had spoken, choosing Cerys an Craite to be their new queen. Though in the past other women had sat on Skellige's throne, many islanders worried the turbulent times would simply overwhelm young Cerys. Others rejoiced at the outcome, believing Cerys' accession guaranteed that peace would one day reign in Skellige. Who was in the right? Time would soon tell…
If Hjalmar becomes king of Skellige:
It was done. The Skelligers had spoken. Hjalmar an Craite was the Isles' new ruler. Many grumbled that this heralded a time of storms and imminent war with Nilfgaard. Others cheered, content in the thought that their young leader was backed by a sage and experienced advisor, his father - the cool pond of his wisdom to temper Hjalmar's red-hot steel. All agreed their new king was a warrior, strong and fearless, who would give not an inch to any invader.


  • Attend the coronation under the sacred oak.