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Corvo Bianco, "Gwyn Cerbin" in Elder Speech (White Raven), is one of the world famous vineyards of Toussaint.

In the Blood and Wine expansion[]

Corvo Bianco Corvo Bianco Vineyard
Corvo Bianco Vineyard
Blood and Wine
Sansretour valley
Fast-travel point Tw3 icon stash.svg Grindstone Armorer's table Alchemy table Alchemy laboratory Bed Library

Fast-travel point

Map description[]

Constructed on elven ruins, Corvo Bianco – known as Gwyn Cerbin in the Elder Speech – is one of the oldest vineyards in the duchy and producer of a startlingly unique wine, Sepremento. Sadly, the rakish lifestyle of one of its owners, the last member of the Bolius line, drove the possession into ruin. The next owner, Baron Rossell, tried to return the vineyard to its former glory, but to no avail. Corvo Bianco was then auctioned off and eventually passed under the control of the Ducal Treasury.

Associated quest[]

Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.

Geralt will receive this vineyard from Anna Henrietta as partial payment for a quest. The vineyard comes with a Majordomo who can be called upon to organise and oversee renovations and additions.

Renovations Renovations[]

  • Overhaul of the living space (5000 crown(s), this is the first major renovation)
  • Armorer's table (1000 crown(s))
  • Grindstone (1000 crown(s))
  • Herb garden (2000 crown(s), ability to sow herbs})
  • A decent stable (2000 crown(s), confers a bonus to Horse stamina)
  • Two additional armor stands (500 crown(s))
  • Two additional weapon racks (500 crown(s))
  • A new bed (1000 crown(s), confers a bonus to Vitality)
  • Guest room refurbished (1000 crown(s))

Other amenities[]

Benefits of sleeping at Corvo Bianco[]

  • Bed level: Royal – increases Geralt's Vitality by 1000 points for 120 minutes
  • Library – provides a 5% bonus to experience gain during combat for 60 minutes
  • Alchemy laboratory – Bombs and potions made there gain an additional charge
  • Stables – increases Roach's Stamina by 100% for 60 minutes
Significant plot details end here.