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Cosmo Baldenvegg is a halfling. He was convicted of committing acts of sabotage on behalf of the Nilfgaardian Secret Service, imprisoned and later executed at Drakenborg. Baldenvegg, however, pleaded not guilty and claimed that he had stolen both cavalry horses on his own initiative, to earn money.

'Cosmo Baldenvegg!' The halfling swallowed loudly. Nazarian knew Baldenvegg had been imprisoned on charges of acts of sabotage, carried out on the instructions of the Nilfgaardian secret service. However, Baldenvegg had not admitted his guilt and stubbornly maintained he had stolen both cavalry horses on his own initiative to make some money, and that Nilfgaard had nothing to do with it. He had clearly not been believed.
— pg(s). 214, Baptism of Fire (UK edition)

The halfling required two blocks, which were placed one on top of the other. The alleged saboteur did not bother with any grandiloquent cries. His short legs kicked vigorously and then sagged against the post. His head lolled slackly on his shoulder.
— pg(s). 215, Baptism of Fire (UK edition)