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Cregennan of Lod
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Cragen (The Witcher spelling)
Northern Realms
Physical Description
Lara Dorren (lover)
Riannon (daughter)

Cregennan (also Cragen) of Lod was a mighty human sorcerer, famous for falling in love with an elf, Lara Dorren, and being murdered for it by humans. Their daughter, Riannon, was adopted by Cerro, the queen of Redania.

The Aen Elle considered his relationship with Lara as theft of their heritage and their king was determined to return it by using their descendent, Ciri, to produce an heir.


Nothing is known about Cregennan's parents and childhood; it is on the conceivably that he got to Mirthe school of mages as a waif. Beyond all doubt, at least one of his parents was a sorcerer.

Cregennan graduated from the magic academy summa cum laude and shortly afterwards became famous as the unbelievably talented (for his age) mage. He pushed for coupling elven and human doctrines of the magic and was a great follower of the idea of proximity and coexistence of the both races. He was liked and accepted by elves.

The more and more ambitious and (surprisingly) more and more viable plans of Cregennan were interrupted by his love affair with Lara Dorren aep Shiadhal, elven sorceress from the group of so-called "Sages". This relationship, what is interesting, infuriated humans more than elves. Furthermore, when it turned out that Lara Dorren is expectant, Cregennan was accused of the treason, cahoots with elves and scheming a plot against his own race. When he refused to break up with her and the elves, the treacherous attack on both lovers was done. Cregennan died, Lara managed to escape.

The legend has it that "Cregennan's Grave" is located in the enormous glacial erratic near Rinde. In fact he had to be buried closer to the place where he had been murdered, i.e. in hamlet Foam by the river Pontar.

In The Witcher computer game[]

During the game, Geralt can read two books, Lara's Gift and The Story of Lara Dorren and Cragen of Lod, that tell the elves' and the humans' versions of the lovers' tale.

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