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Crookback Bog
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The Crones, also known as the Ladies of the Woods, are three witches who live in a cabin in the swamps of Velen. Legend suggests the three are sisters and the daughters of the original "Lady of the Wood", also knowns as "She-Who-Knows". They are named the Brewess, the Weavess and the Whispess.

Most of the times they communicate via an enchanted tapestry and a medium, an elderly woman named Gran who also seems to be their slave, or at least is bound to them in some way.

The Crone is also third aspect of Melitele goddess.

A word once given we never break. The girl… Mousy blonde - that's what they call it. Thin as a rail - terrified, exhausted. She could barely stand, the poor thing. We cared for her as best we could. Like she was our own daughter. Wasted affection. She proved a very naughty girl. Mischievous, stubborn and selfish. She burned me… We shall tell you, brave boy.
We knew someone special was to arrive. We read beast entrails, saw the omens. We would glimpse her likeness, a mirage in a puddle. She came from the lower swamp. We knew not at first it was her the omens had spoken of. A child of the Elder Blood. The Sown Seed that will burst into flame… She fell into our hands. Elder Blood… The blood of the Traitress…
~ The Crones about Ciri.[1]

Geralt must seek them out in order to get information about Ciri. He finds them with the help of the godling, Johnny. At first Geralt communicates with them by an enchanted tapestry. In return for a favor the ladies promise to tell the witcher all they know about Ciri. Thus, the bargain is struck. The White wolf fulfills his end, the crones appear - this time in the flesh, to keep their end as well. Geralt gets to know that an unconscious, "thin as a rail", "mousy blond" girl was indeed found by the witches who foresaw her coming by reading the beast entrails. She came from the direction of the lower swamp, was exhausted to the point of barely standing as well as injured. The trio of witches helped her to the best of their abilities and in the process they did recognize her elder blood - "the blood of the Traitress" as they say. According to them Ciri made one of the witches burned and ran away.[1]

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Bestiary entry[]

Sister crones, hand in hand, terrors of the sea and land, thus do go about, about: thrice to thine and thrice to mine, and thrice again, to make up nine.
Macveth, Act 1, Scene 3
The isolated corners of our world harbor creatures older than humans, older than academies and mages, older even than elves and dwarves. The Crones of Crookback Bog are such creatures. No one knows their true names, nor what breed of monstrosity they in fact are.
Common folk have given these three sisters the names Weavess, Brewess and Whispess, and call the threesome "The Ladies of the Wood" or simply "The Good Ladies." The Crones act as the true sovereigns of Velen, whose inhabitants they help survive through harsh times in return for unquestioning obedience. They wield powerful magic, but one different from that of mages. They draw power from water and earth and are bound to the land in which they live. The Crones can hear everything that happens in their woods, predict the future, twist the threads of human lives and bring blessings as well as curses.
The Crones seem for all intents and purposes to be immortal. Magic elixirs keep them from aging and allow them to take the appearance of young women. These elixirs and their mystical ties to the swamps in which they live also give them supernatural strength and vitality.


  • By "the blood of the Traitoress" the Crones most likely mean Lara Dorren, however it is not officially confirmed who exactly is the Traitoress.