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[[Image:Quest_Items_Dandelions lute.png|Dandelion's lute]]
| name = Dandelion's lute (quest item)
| image = Quest_Items_Dandelions lute.png
| caption = Dandelion's lute. It should be returned to him, since he may need it.
| type = [[The Witcher quest items|Quest item]]
| effects = Allows Dandelion to give a concert
| source = [[Rozalind Pankiera]]'s room
| ID = it_quest_151
Dandelion has lost his beloved lute while making hasty exit from a young woman's room. He asks Geralt to retrieve it.
''"Dandelion's lute. It should be returned to him, since he may need it."''
== Associated quests ==
== Associated quests ==
* [[Dandelion's Lute]]
* [[Dandelion's Lute]]
[[Category:The Witcher quest items]]
[[Category:Quest Items]]
[[Category:The Witcher Chapter III]]
[[Category:The Witcher Act III]]
[[de:Laute von Rittersporn]]
[[de:Laute von Rittersporn]]
[[fr:Luth de Jaskier (objet de quête)]]
[[it:Liuto di Dandelion]]
[[pl:Lutnia Jaskra (przedmiot fabularny)]]
[[pl:Lutnia Jaskra (przedmiot fabularny)]]

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