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The Dauk were members of a possibly human culture about which not a lot is known. Eltibald studied their menhirs in his investigations into the curse of the Black Sun.

Eltibald wasn't mad at all. He deciphered the writing on Dauk menhirs, on tombstones in the Wozgor necropolises, and examined the legends and traditions of weretots. All of them spoke of the eclipse in no uncertain terms. The Black Sun was to announce the imminent return of Lilit, still honoured in the east under the name of Niya, and the extermination of the human race. Lilit's path was to be prepared by "sixty women wearing gold crowns, who would fill the river valleys with blood".
— pg(s). 83, The Last Wish (UK edition)

In The World of the Witcher[]

"According to Arnelius Grock's classification, the Wozgor and the Dauk are counted among the ancient human cultures that arrived here directly after the Conjunction of the Spheres. They settled the lands between the Dragon Mountains and the Gulf of Praxeda that forms the current territory of the Kingdom of Kovir and Poviss (specifically the duchies of Narok, Velhad, and Talgar) and the principalities of the Hengfors League (the lands of Caingorn, Malleore, Creyden, and Woefield), as well as those of northern Redania (the Gelibol region and the Nimnar Valley). Fragmentary information about these people is mainly based on the remains of their material culture.

The surviving writings found on the Dauk menhirs and tombstones found in Wozgor necropolises formed the basis of several prophecies and divinations (vide: "The Prophecy of the Black Sun"), which remain questionable to this day (vide: "The Mania of Mad Eltibald"). Some scholars stipulate that the Wozgor and Dauk beliefs remain alive in the form of the religion of Melitele and lesser cults (cf. Coram Agh Tera and Veyopatis). The events which led to the extinction of both peoples remain sharply disputed among scholars."

Annanias Uldvikel, "Ancient Human Cultures and Their Relicts"
— pg(s). 13, The World of the Witcher

Other work of Andrzej Sapkowski[]

Yarra: the River of Death, a scenario for The Eye of Yrrhedes role-playing game, mentions a tribe called dauk-vorkers belonging to a race called vorkers, who were described as 1.20 meters high, stocky humanoids with Mongoloid facial features, somehow similar to goblins by customs and behaviour. Another tribe mentioned were halla-vorkers.

It should be noted however that the scenarios are set in the world different to the one described in The Witcher novels.