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Dearhenna's memoirs
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Memoirs of a famous sorcerer and inventor
Felicia Cori
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Dearhenna's memoirs
I find the study of bacteria interesting, but focusing on a single subject affects me poorly. I am also plagued by a lack of company. Not of other people, who are almost always troublesome ignoramuses, but of someone with whom I could converse at my level.
I decided to work on one of the golems and attempt to expand its ability to think and converse. The latter proved simple, yet time will tell if having it memorize poems and philosophical treatises was a good idea. For now, I play at riddles with it.
Codifying on a single tablet the ability to think properly and logically was the true challenge. I am still having trouble simulating common sense — all my attempts thus far have ended in semantic overload. I am, however, certain that logical axioms will suffice as the most basic rules of thinking.