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"Death to the Traitor!"
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Chapter I
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Death to the Traitor! is a quest in Chapter I of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings if Geralt sides with Vernon Roche.


Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.

If Geralt sides with Vernon, he must join the Blue Stripes in their plan to kill the corrupt commandant of Flotsam, Bernard Loredo. In so doing, they also root out a Kaedweni spy, one Arnolt Malliger.

Journal entry[]

Who would have thought things would turn out so badly? Triss was kidnapped, Geralt had made new enemies, and his allies drove a hard bargain. The witcher wanted to find his lover and get Foltest's killer above all else, so he had to bend his rules for the sake of his priorities. Our hero agreed to kill Loredo and the decision was, unsurprisingly, very easy. According to the plan, Geralt was to meet Roche's men after dark, in an alley behind the commander's mansion.
If Geralt enters through the cave west of the Flotsam harbor, instead of following Roche's plan:
From his own experience Geralt knew that witchers are rarely let in through the front door. He didn't care about Roche's plans at all, and led by his infallible instinct he found a secret passage to Loredo's garden. A passage through a cave full of monsters.
If Geralt encounters Arnolt:
Sneaking through the garden of Loredo's mansion, the witcher came upon a foreign merchant. He froze for a moment, unsure of how to deal with the inconvenient witness - avoid or dispose of him? But then. in an instant, he chose his path.
If Geralt chooses to avoid Arnolt:
Geralt decided not to cause unnecessary noise and gave the amorous suitor a wide berth.
If Geralt chooses to dispose of Arnolt:
When the lustful foreigner fell to the ground and stopped causing trouble, our hero thought it would be prudent to look for the lass the would-be lover did not manage to catch. Helena - for that was the girl's name - was apparently angered by the man's less-than-gentle attentions and could prove to be a valuable ally.
If Geralt encounters Helena:
Geralt found Helen by the window that Ves was supposed to open. Helen was not only experienced in her profession, but also knowledgeable about Loredo's private life. She told the witcher that the instant she had seen him sneaking over the wall, she had known that it was him that Ves had whispered of. "The window in the addition," Ves had managed to say before Loredo snatched her away. Geralt also learned that the commandant had locked himself in the tower, junked up like an entire pack of bandits, together with Ves and a local elf. Though now in a hurry, Geralt acted methodically. First, in a bid to find a key to the upper quarters, he paid a visit to Marietta Loredo, who was producing fisstech in the mansion's basement.
The witcher slaughtered the commander's mother without much ado, thus obtaining the key to the tower's upper floors.
If Geralt approaches the door to Loredo's room without having the key:
At the door to Loredo's room Geralt heard the commander's monologue, in which Loredo plainly explained his sexual preferences without false modesty. Unfortunately the door was locked, so our hero could not turn the monologue into a short dialogue. Understanding that time was of the essence, he began looking for a key. He thought the guard sergeant responsible for protecting the upper floor may have it.
There, in a chest by the guard sergeant's bed, the witcher found an ornate key. He promptly put it in his bag, sure the thing will prove useful.
The witcher did as he promised - he killed Loredo. Those who mourned the commander shed false tears, and those cheering outnumbered themm greatly. I think that even though Geralt murdered a man he made the world a better place. Perhaps not on a grand historical scale, but certainly on the scale of the hapless and downtrodden.
Geralt found Moril, an elven girl, in the tower. The elf, in the final stage of pregnancy, needed to be brought outside as fast as possible.
It turned out that it is easier to get inside Loredo's mansion, than to get outside. The terrified Moril started to deliver her child, but this time the witcher was spared the difficult challenge. As skillfully as a certified midwife, Ves took charge of the delivery, proving claims that Roche's men are versatile. Geralt just had to buy the young mother some time, so he joined Vernon, who was holding back the attack in the courtyard.
As always, the cavalry came late, though Roche later boasted that he had saved the witcher's skin. The battle in the courtyard of Loredo's mansion ended with a clear victory for the good guys. The enemy was beaten, disarmed or routed.


  • Killing the soldiers situated outside yields experience points and if the player can manage, such action is worth the experience gains.
  • There are two QTE events, one during the interaction with Marietta Loredo and the other when Bernard Loredo tries to impale Geralt with a halberd.


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