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Demavend III
Demavend artbook.png
Demavend in The Witcher 2 Artbook
King of Aedirn
Northern Realms
Flag Aedirn.png
Aedirnian dynasty
Vengerberg, Hagge, Cintra, Novigrad
Physical Description
Virfuril (father)
Stennis[1] (son)

Demavend III[2] (Polish: Demawend) was the son of Virfuril, 16th king and ruler of Aedirn. For many years, he participated in an ongoing dispute with Henselt over the Lormark. As a ruler he was known for being rather cruel and envious, but also quite intelligent and knowledgeable about the tactics of war. He was, for example, able to predict Emhyr var Emreis' moves during the war with Nilfgaard. Demavend showed little or no regard for the pain or suffering of others and had a particular hatred of elves.

Yennefer used to sit on his council and Rayla was an officer of his special forces. After the war, he was one of the negotiators of the peace treaty.

In The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings[]

Demavend is a secondary character in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. He only appears as a severed head since he has been killed by Letho. His son Prince Stennis, has a more prominent role. He is portrayed as a rather negative, unsuccessful ruler, although in the books he was noted to be a brilliant tactician and one of the main reasons why Aedirn, as a nation, survived the Nilfgaard Wars.

Journal entry[]

Demavend, son of Virfuril, ruled the Kingdom of Aedirn, which was mightily aggrieved during the last war with Nilfgaard. A proponent of authoritarian rule, he was seen as having no love for nonhumans. He often moved radically against the Scoia'tael, though he drooled in spite of himself when the guerrillas perpetrated massacres on his own people, as these justified the punitive expeditions he delighted in sending into the foothills of Dol Blathanna. He also showed no shyness towards imprisoning and torturing rabble-rousers and street prophets who would interfere in his politics. Thus it is no wonder that many could not wait to see him dead. In spite of this, his subjects could not help but the surprised by his death, for it is not every day that a crowned head paints the palace floor with its blood.

Assassination of Demavend (CG Video)[]



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