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Glossary Destiny

Many people believe in the existence of Destiny, a mysterious force which binds certain people together, determining their fates. According to believers, one can either follow the path of Destiny of one's free will or try to resist it, although the latter can bring grim consequences. On the other hand, some feel that Destiny is not everything. These people say that something more is needed in order to bind two lives together, even if the rules of fate decide otherwise."

"The poet Dandelion contemplates whether human life is ruled by Destiny. Dandelion mentions the Law of Surprise — when a witcher demands from a man rescued on the road that which he does not expect once he returns home. It turns out to be a child born during the father's absence. Witchers take the Unexpected Children to their fortresses and train them to be their successors. Dandelion also wonders whether love can bind people with bonds of destiny. In no ballad does he provide a clear answer to the questions posed.



  • King of the Wild Hunt embodies 'Destiny', and the player is challenged, time and again, to ponder whether something that happened was brought about by Fate or coincidence, to question whether one believes in Destiny or not, or if one's faith lies in something larger.
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