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Diagram: Duelist's gauntlets
Tw2 item diagram.png
Crafting diagram
Hardened leather 4x Hardened leather
Robust cloth 2x Robust cloth
Twine 4x Twine
Harpy feathers 2x Harpy feathers
Burned down hospital or
Loc Muinne forest
weight 0.1

This diagram is required to craft Duelist's gauntlets.

On Roche's Path you can acquire this diagram in Chapter III in the forest during the quest "Crown Witness". After the first ambush you have to leave the main path and fight past four Endraga Warriors, until you find a dead end with a fallen tree you can interact with. Doing so makes a sack that contains this diagram appear on the last part of the path (between the second ledge you have to climb down and the river) .

Sometimes it can also be found in the burned down hospital in Chapter I.