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Djinn or d’jinni is the name for the elemental genie of Air. It was a djinn which Dandlion released who wreaked havoc in Rinde in the short story "The Last Wish". Geoffrey Monck, a mage, had numerous djinns trapped into bottles. They gained their freedom after fulfilling three wishes each.

Going back to genies, there are four sorts, just as there are four Planes. Djinns are air creatures; marides are associated with the principle of water; afreet are Fire genies and d’ao, the genies of Earth—
Word has it old Monck had a way of forcing a djinn to serve him. There were rumours that he had more than one. He was said to keep them in bottles and make use of them when need arose. Three wishes from each genie, then it's free and escapes into its own dimension.
— pg(s). 250 – 251, The Last Wish (UK edition)

In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt[]

Vulnerable to
Dimeritium bombs
Elementa oils
Earth elemental mutagen
Elemental essence
Lesser glyph of Quen
Infused shard
Monster claw
Powdered monster tissue
Monster eye
Fifth essence

The short story is heavily referenced in The Witcher 3, where Geralt and Yennefer attempt to find a djinn.

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Bestiary entry[]

The pitcher emitted a puff of glowing red smoke. The smoke pulsated, then gathered up into an irregular sphere floating in front of the poet's head...
–The First Longing, a Tale Fantastic in All Ways.
A djinn is a powerful air spirit, a condensation of the power of that element endowed with consciousness and character - the latter usually nasty. According to legend, djinns can grant even the most far-fetched wishes, though they do so very begrudgingly.
Unusually powerful mages can capture and tame these beings. The mage can then draw on its energy, using it to cast spells without having to call on Power from traditional sources. Only a sparse handful have managed this feat, however, for djinns fight to avoid such a fate with stubborn determination. To imprison a djinn and bend it to one's will, one must first weaken it - and that is no easy feat.
Fighting a djinn is extraordinarily difficult. They can fling off spells in an instant that the most accomplished human mages could never cast with years of preparation. What's more, by manipulating the element of air they can summon powerful storms, hurricanes and gales. Luckily, as magic beings they are vulnerable to silver - yet steel will do them no harm.

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