Dragonslayer's Grotto

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Dragonslayer's Grotto
Dragonslayer's Grotto
Monster den
Northwest of Downwarren, West of Reardon Manor
Fast-travel point

Fast-travel pointMonster den

Dragonslayer's Grotto is a location accessible by fast travel in Velen. It is a haunted grotto and the catacomb of the legendary witcher George where Geralt can find the diagrams for the basic Griffin School gear and witcher George's journal after fighting through wraiths and an ekimmara.

Map description[edit | edit source]

Underneath this fortress lies a musty, rank cave in which a lost traveler will find nothing but a few fattened leeches — if he's lucky. Nevertheless, village elders insist on repeating the legend that gave the grotto its name: that of a legendary dragonslayer said to be buried somewhere deep inside.

Associated quests[edit | edit source]

Map location[edit | edit source]

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