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Specter oil
silver swords
appearing suddenly and making use of heavy armor and shields
Draugir claws
Essence of death
Amethyst dust
Diamond dust
Draugir armor fragment
Red meteorite ore
Yellow meteorite ore
Blue meteorite ore
Other loot
Draugir trophy

Draugirs are demons of war. The arise at sites of exceptionally vicious, bloody battles. They are bloodlust and hatred in condensed form according to Geralt.

Journal entry[]

The draug is a commander, and his wraith soldiers are called draughirs. The draugh's will calls them into existence on battlefields or in cemeteries. Like the draug, they are borne of damned souls and trapped shells created from the remnants of arms and armor, machines and corpses torn apart by scavengers.
The draugirs are absolutely bound by the draug's orders. They feel no fear or pain, they cannot be forced to retreat. They are ideal soldiers. Their coming is always sudden, so one must remain constantly vigilant in the presence of their leader, for his subordinates appear in dire moments to defend the draug and tip the scales in his favor.
These wraiths are protected by heavy armor and a shield. A witcher should first force them to expose themselves, knocking away their shields and grinding down their armor. The best chance to wound the creature comes when the draugir charges. One should evade the attack and lunge at its unprotected back. The monsters are slow in the battle, so one needs to weaken them methodically with strong sword blows, and then finish them off. In life, draugirs were soldiers or knights, and in death they retain their proficiency in combat, so one needs to defend oneself against their blows - their lethal counterstrikes in particular - with extreme care.
The draugirs are susceptible to the Specter Oil, so one should coat a silver blade with it before battle. Poisons and oils increasing bleeding are of no use. These wraiths can be defeated using fire, but the silver sword is, of course, the most effective.