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Former mage
Vizima / Temple Quarter

Drevin is a character in The Witcher premium module "Side Effects". He can be found stumbling around, drunk or hungover in the Temple Quarter. He has this story about a magic stone which is also a portal to untold riches. He also seems to have a very interesting if mysterious past. Is it true? Who knows, but it might be worth investigating.

I am a mage hmm. Strike that... I was a mage and now am no more than a drunkard. And I could have been rich, powerful, a renegade...
...years ago I was a very promising student of magic, tremendous potential, truly tremendous... Yet fate played tricks and, uh, a certain propensity of mine prevented me from completing my internship and duly mastering the art.

After a particularly hard drinking episode started by a 30 oren(s) bet with the innkeeper, a jug of buttermilk is all he needs to tell Geralt all about the treasure and where to find this magic stone. It turns out, it is just in a nearby warehouse.

...the stone inside might interest you. It responds to spells, elemental ones to be sure. I wager if you cast a trick or two it'll take you to treasures beyond.

He then gives Geralt the key to said warehouse and wanders off.

Associated quests[]