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Drinking contest

There are several opportunities (some might say necessities) for drinking contests in The Witcher. Geralt's stamina will be put to the test. These contests usually involve some goal, though what that goal is may not be clear on the onset. It is usually worthwhile, but I would recommend having either a place to sleep handy, or better still, Wives' Tears on hand for the aftermath.


Let's drink!

Participate in drinking contests to gain information and rewards.

  • Left-click the "drink" icon in dialogues to choose a beverage and begin drinking.
  • Continue drinking until Geralt's rival gives up (otherwise Geralt winds up passed out and you have lost).
Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.


  • Characters often have drink preferences and may refuse anything but their favoured beverage. Outdrink your opponent but take care not to pass out.
  • Use beer wherever and whenever possible.
  • Drinking contests are one of four mini-games within the main game.

Notable drinking contests[]


Significant plot details end here.