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The Dun Banner are a light cavalry brigade from Ban Gleán and part of King Henselt's army. They were generally easy to recognize by their outfits which included cloaks and beaver hats. They took part in the Battle of Brenna.

Members of the Dun Banner[]

In The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings[]

Journal entry[]

The Dun Banner rose to fame during the last wars with Nilfgaard. A Kaedweni light cavalry regiment, initially it patrolled the area around Ban Gleán. Called to the front, it proved its mettle during the incursion into Upper Aedirn, but it was the chroniclers of the Battle of Brenna who made the unit famous. Because history likes to repeat itself, several years later the Dun Banner once again led Henselt's foray into Aedirn. This time, it suffered a crushing defeat, at the hands of an ostensible ally, no less - the sorceress Sabrina Glevissig. Decimated beyond resurrection, the unit was never reformed, and its characteristic cloaks and beaver-skin caps, which once bred terror in the hearts of Kaedwen's foes, became a thing of the past, though they remain identifying marks by which the unit's few surviving former members recognize one another.