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An ekimma is a type of lower vampire (like fleders). These tend to be more vicious and animalistic.

'Don't scoff. You can't be a stranger to vampire bite marks. Ever come across a case of a vampire ripping its victim to shreds?'

'No. That never happens.'

'In the case of higher vampires — never, I agree,' Emiel Regis said softly. 'From what I know alpors, moolas, bruxas and nosferats don't mutilate their victims. On the other hand, fleders and ekimmas are pretty brutal with their victims' remains.'
— pg(s). 151, Baptism of Fire (US edition)

In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt[]

Tw3 journal ekimmara.png
Vulnerable to
Devil's puffball bombs
Vampire oils
Turns invisible then reappears.
Ekimmara hide
Ekimmara mutagen
Monster ear
Monster eye
Monster hair
Monster tongue
Lesser blue mutagen

In The Witcher 3, the creature is known as Ekimmara.

Bestiary entry[]

Bah, ain't nothing to fear. Ekimmaras, why, they ain't nothing more than overgrown bats.
— Anonymous city guardsman's last words
Like other vampires, ekimmaras are not, despite what village gossips might say, undead humans. They are instead post-Conjunction monsters who have no particular feelings about garlic, holy water or religious symbols.
Unlike their portrayals in ballads and legends, they look nothing like handsome, pale aristocrats with charming eastern accents, though, like katakans and nekurats, they do bear a strong resemblance to overgrown bats. They also do not suck blood from the necks of virgins with a delicate, kiss-like bite — they tear them to shreds using long, sharp claws and then slurp the splattered blood off the ground.
Ekimmaras are unusually cruel and exceptionally swift. They are able to quickly land blow after blow capable of smashing even the best Mahakaman-made armor into tiny shards. They should be fought with a silver sword, remembering that they can regenerate back health over time. One should thus never attempt to tire them out or, gods forbid, wait for them to bleed to death. Instead, cut them down as quickly as possible and, if possible, burn the body to ash and scatter it to the four winds.

Associated quests[]


  • Ekimmu or edimmu was kind of demon from the ancient Sumerian religion. They were envisioned as the ghosts of those who were not buried properly and thought to be completely or nearly incorporeal, "wind" spirits that sucked the life out of the susceptible and the sleeping (most commonly the young).