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Elder Runes was the ancient runic alphabet used by Aen Seidhe. The First Runes, human alphabet, were based on it.

Known Runes[]

Name of Rune Supposed Latin equivalent Meaning Notes
Ard A up; upper; high; higher; top; hill; upland its misspeled name refers to one of witcher signs
Eskalott E or S? ? Loc Eskalott has the shape of it
Zefhar Z? zephyr? type of bows called zefhar have the shape of it


  • A goblet from Craag An used by dryads has an inscription Duettaeánn aef cirrán Cáerme Gláeddyv. Yn á esseáth written in Elder Runes. It means apparently The Sword of Destiny has two edges - you are one of them.