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| evall || horse
| evall || horse
| evelienn || every, all
| evellienn || every, all

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Elder Speech is predominantly an elven language but technically it refers to all languages which originated prior to the Conjunction of the Spheres. As it is one of the oldest languages still in use, it is referred to as the "Old" or "Elder" Speech and the lingua franca is "Common Speech". It is mainly used by the elves and dryads, though mages, scientists and the more educated people also know it. The sung version of Elder Speech is used by sirens and nereids. Nilfgaardian and the Skellige Islands dialects both derive from Elder Speech.

Old Speech - Polish original text on Andrzej Sapkowski Zone


Elder Speech dictionary
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Elder Speech English
a'baeth kiss
aard, ard mountain
aark, aark phonetic presentation of the sound ravens/crows make
abb escape
addan, adan dance; dancer
aedd shard
aefder later
aen of; for
aen'drean enter?
aenye fire
aesledde ride on a sledge/sled
aespar shoot (verb.)
aevon river
aep son/daughter of
aép in, to
aine light (possibly enlightened)
an small, minor, vague
an'givare informer, spy
a'taeghane today
ard mountain, upper, or "the highest"
arse arse (UK), ass (US), butt

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Elder Speech English
ban village?
beanna woman
beann'shie banshee
blath flower
blathan garland; flowers
blathanna Genitive: flowers', of flowers
blathe the fifth savaed in the elven calendar; possibly 'flowering'?
bleidd wolf
bloed blood
bloede bloody

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Elder Speech English
caed forest; grove
cáelm calm, peaceful, quiet; slowly, quietly; calm, quieten
cáemm come, go
caen can (verb)
cáerme fate, destiny
Cáerme Destiny
carn kurgan, barrow, burial mound
ceádmil greet (in game appears as caed'mil)
cerbin raven
cinerea Ilyocoris
col ?
craag ?

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Elder Speech English
dearme sleep; good night (phrase)
deireádh end (noun)
deith flame
deithwen white flame
dh'oine human (in game also in form dh'oinne)
dhu black
dice say
d'yaebl devil (in game both a sword and a wolf bear this name)
dol dale, dell, vale, valley

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Elder Speech English
eate summer
elaine fair, beautiful
en indefinite article (a/an)
enid daisy
ess be
esse will be
essea I am
esseath you are
evall horse
evellienn every, all

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Elder Speech English
feainn sun; also the sixth savaed in the elven calendar
feainnewedd Sun-Child, Child of the Sun
fen fen (a low marshy/frequently flooded area), wetlands
foilé frantic
folie frenzy

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Elder Speech English
gar'ean note; consider
geas curse; geis is a magical obligation/prohibition
gláeddyv sword
glean bottom, low
gleanna valley
glosse look, observe?
gwen, gwyn white (also -wen)
gvalch'ca falconess
gynvael ice

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Elder Speech English
hael greeting; health, safety, cure?
haela medicine; drug?
hanse Unit; group of friends
hav'caaren hawker(s); based on Elder Speech word for 'rapacious'
hen old, oldest

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Elder Speech English
ichaer blood
inis island
invaerne winter

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Elder Speech English
kelpie kelpie

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Elder Speech English
laeke lake
lara seagull
lionors lioness
llamas maturing
luned daughter / young girl

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Elder Speech English
me my, mine
meáth meet
mid- middle
milva kite (bird)
mire look, observe?
mistle waxwing, or mistle thrush, also one of the Rats
minne love (noun)
muire sea
modron mother, also the name used by Crach an Craite for Calanthe
morc book, tome
morvudd enemies

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Elder Speech English
naev'de nine
neén not

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Elder Speech English
pavienn ape
pest pestilence, plague, blight

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Elder Speech English
que that
quirk, quirk phonetic representation of the sound sparrows make

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Elder Speech English
raenn run
rhena queen

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Elder Speech English
saov spirit, soul, ghost?
savaed One eighth of the year in the elven calendar
scoia'tael squirrel(s)
seidhe elf
shaent sing
sidh elven?
sledd sled
sor'ca little sister
spar shoot (verb)
spar'le (order) fire; attack
squaess excuse (squass'me - I apologize); forgive
straede road, path

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Elder Speech English
taedh bard, poet
tearth fear
tedd time, age, season
thaesse shut up
tirth wild boar
tor tower
tvedeane twelve, dozen

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Elder Speech English
va go
va faill goodbye, farewell
vara ware; goods?
vatt'ghern witcher
veloë fast, quick; quickly?
vort further, away, still

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Elder Speech English
wedd child
weddin diminutive form of 'wedd', child; kiddo
wen white (also as -wen)
woed, woéd, woedd wood; forest

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Elder Speech English
yeá so
yghern Giant centipede
yn on
ys downward

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Elder Speech English
zirael swallow (bird)
zvaere swear (to take an oath)

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Elder Speech English
Aedd Gynvael Shard of Ice
Aen N'og Mab Taedh'morc "Practices for a Young Bard"
Aen Saevherne Sages
Aen Seidhe elves
Aen Woedbeanna Woman of woods
Aenyell'hael Baptism of fire, also the name of a novel
Aevon y Pontar Gwennelen River of Alabaster Bridges, Pontar
Belleteyn blossoming
Birke Spring equinox; the fourth savaed in the elven calendar
Ban Ard Mountain (village?)
Ban Gleán Low (village)?
Caed Dhu Black Forest/Grove
Caed Myrkvid Myrkvid Forest/Grove
Caer a'Muirehen Old Sea Keep; Keep of the Elder Sea (Blood of Elves , UK); Witchers' fortress
Ceann Treise a cascade in Brokilon; meaning uncertain
Conynhaela a magical cure which enables the rapid regeneration damaged or broken bones
Craag An once a village, now a necropolis in Brokilon; meaning uncertain
Dol Adalatte Valley of Adalatte-river.
Dol Blathanna Valley of the Flowers.
Duén Canell The Place of the Oak
Glyswen White River
Gwenllech river: White Stones
Gwynbleidd White Wolf
Imbaelk Imbolc, germination; the third savaed in the elven calendar
Lammas maturing; the seventh savaed in the elven calendar
Midaëte Midsummer
Midinvaerne Midwinter
Saovine 'Soul day'?; the first savaed in the elven calendar
Tor Lara Tower of the Seagulls, Gulls' Tower
Tor Zireael Tower of the Swallow, Swallow's Tower

autumn equinox; the eight savaed in the elven calendar


Cintra in Elder Speech.

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