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Emiel Regis Rohellec Terzieff-Godefroy
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Regis in Blood and Wine
Higher vampire
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Dillingen, spends summers in Fen Carn
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Emiel Regis Rohellec Terzieff-Godefroy, or simply Regis, was a very powerful higher vampire, and more than four hundred years old when he first met Geralt of Rivia. He was the barber-surgeon of Dillingen but surprisingly intellectual for one in such a profession. There was always the fragrant scent of roots and herbs emanating from him. His appearance was that of an ordinary middle-aged man, with an impressively crooked nose, greying hair and black, shining eyes. His smiles always concealed his sharp teeth, except for a couple of times.

A moment later they saw a grizzled head and then a face embellished with a nobly aquiline nose, belonging by no means to a ghoul but to a slim, middle-aged man. Percival hadn't been wrong. The man did indeed somewhat resemble a tax collector. 'Is it safe to come out?' he asked, raising black eyes beneath slightly greying eyebrows towards Geralt.
— pg(s). 119, Baptism of Fire (UK edition)

He also chose to ride a mule, which he named Draakul, instead of a horse.

Geralt and his travelling companions first met the vampire in the necropolis of Fen Carn, although they did not initially realize his true nature. After inviting the group to spend the night at his nearby cabin, he decided to join Geralt and his companions on their journey. Even Geralt's medallion did not give the vampire away, and it was only some time later that they realized that Regis was indeed a vampire. Although the companions had their initial doubts about him, Regis became a good and trusted friend.

He was particularly fond of tearing down the myths and legends about killing vampires with garlic or wooden stakes. During one feast at Anna Henrietta's castle he related a story in which the exact opposite transpired. During their journey Regis reveals to the rest of his companions that when he was younger he had been very cruel and stupid. For some time he had stopped "drinking" and become involved with a vampiress, but she left him, however, when the "addiction" took hold again, even more strongly.

The vampire began "flying drunk" which was considered to be completely unacceptable in his community. On one occasion while "drunk" on too much blood, he was captured by peasants who cut off his head, pierced his heart with wooden stakes, doused him in holy water and buried him. The regeneration took Regis about fifty years, leaving him with quite some time to reflect on his lifestyle, but he did regenerate completely. After that he changed his way of life and stopped drinking blood completely.

Emiel Regis had a romantic relationship with a succubus while the witcher and his companions were in Beauclair.

He died, ripped apart and melted into glass by Vilgefortz, during the assault on Stygga castle.

In the Blood and Wine expansion[]

Journal entry[]

Geralt chased Sir Milton’s murderer with mad intensity. How this chase ended stands as clear witness to the fact Geralt was facing a highly dangerous foe: the killer led Geralt to an old warehouse, where it set a trap for him. A fight ensued, and at a crucial moment Geralt was saved by Regis, a higher vampire and old friend. Here I must explain that, years ago, Regis had joined Geralt’s band of fellow travelers (of which I was a proud part) and set off with us in search of Ciri. Together we lived through many fascinating adventures and Regis proved himself a loyal friend, the kind you can trust with your life. Sadly, the expedition ended tragically for Regis. He was killed by Vilgefortz, who reduced him to nothing more than a wet stain.
Hence the witcher’s immense surprise at encountering his old friend – after all, he had seen Regis die with his own eyes. But the thing is, that was not Regis’ “final” death, nor even his first. As a young man, Regis had been a bit of a free spirit and overindulged in the drinking of blood. This lifestyle led to him being butchered by angry villagers. Regenerating from that took him fifty years – or nearly no time at all, for an immortal. When he was back in full health, he kicked the habit of blood drinking for good.
For years, we’d all thought he was gone forever. Yet there he was, standing in front of Geralt in that dockside warehouse.
Regis explained he had regenerated and come to Toussaint to find Dettlaff, a friend.
Such were the dramatic circumstances bringing Regis and Geralt together again in Beauclair. They did not have long to enjoy their reunion, however. They could hear others approaching and Regis, not wanting to risk an encounter with angry humans, agreed to meet back up with Geralt at the cemetery where he had made an altogether comfortable temporary home for himself.
Geralt found Mère-Lachaiselongue Cemetery and the crypt where Regis not only lived, but had also managed to set up a well-equipped alchemist’s workshop. They began to confer. Regis explained he believed his friend had become implicated in some serious trouble. When they figured out they had overlapping goals, they decided to join forces and together seek out the vampire Dettlaff, better known in the duchy as the Beast of Beauclair.
Geralt also learned how it was Regis had returned to the world of the living. He had been helped by none other than the very one they sought: Dettlaff. In light of this, Regis insisted they find a peaceful solution to the “Dettlaff problem.”
Geralt and Regis decided that an aid was needed to find Dettlaff, a certain potion called Resonance. To brew it, Regis needed some bodily tissue from the object of their pursuit. Luckily, Geralt had earlier found a dismembered hand belonging to the murderer. Another ingredient needed to brew Resonance was saliva (or salivary glands) from a spotted wight. Having discovered that one such creature resided nearby, Regis sent the Witcher to hunt it down.
Geralt imbibed the Resonance potion Regis had prepared, allowing him to see a fragment of the day Dettlaff had committed his most recent murder. The trail led the friends to the shuttered up toy shop where Dettlaff had been staying.
Sadly our heroes did not find Dettlaff at home. They did not leave empty handed, however. After searching the shop, Geralt found a letter which revealed Dettlaff was being blackmailed. The blackmailers had kidnapped his lover, Rhenawedd, and threatened to torture her if he did not do as they said. Thus Dettlaff had killed the targets they designated. After a short consultation, Geralt and Regis decided to split up. Regis was to wait for Dettlaff, while Geralt would go to Anna Henrietta and report on the investigation’s progress.
In their pursuit of the blackmailers, Geralt and Anna Henrietta found themselves at a private residence used for meetings of the Mandragora – an exclusive club for the boheme of Toussaint. The residence’s owner turned out to be a woman named Orianna. To the witcher’s great displeasure, later that evening they were joined by Regis, in the company of… Dettlaff. In the conversation that ensued, Geralt gathered Regis and Orianna were old friends.
The entire conversation had a rather surreal nature, seeing as how the duchess had no idea she was speaking to the dreaded Beast himself. Its key outcome was the conclusion that the blackmailers were holding Dettlaff’s lover at a place known as Dun Tynne. Geralt pulled Regis aside and they conferred briefly. Geralt was firmly against revealing this information to Dettlaff. To his thinking, this could lead to serious trouble. I must say, I agree with the witcher’s reasoning. When a higher vampire loses his self-control, trouble always ensues. Bloody trouble.

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In The Witcher computer game[]

During Shani's party in Chapter II, Dandelion mentions that Geralt once had a vampire friend, Regis. To which Geralt derisively replies: "...and a dragon friend, too?" which is quite funny because in the short story "The Bounds of Reason", he did indeed make friends with a dragon. Zoltan also recounts that Regis could pull red-hot horseshoes directly from a fire with his bare hands. In Chapter III, the Queen of the Night mentions him as her past lover.


  • During the events of Baptism of Fire Regis is 428 years old by the human calendar and 642 years old by the elven calendar.
  • In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, a gwent card bears his image.
  • Regis is a name of Latin origin, meaning "kingly". Godefroy is an Old German name meaning "God-peace".