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Enchantments are a new combat-related mechanic introduced in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt expansion Hearts of Stone. The Runewright can enhance your items by fitting them with Runewords and Glyphwords - these endow them with new, powerful traits. Runewords enhance weapons, while Glyphwords enhance armor.

To enchant an item, navigate to the Runewright panel.

Icon Name Type Level Craftsman level Effects
Tw3 enchantment level2.png Balance Glyphword 2 Journeyman All equipped armor items are treated as Medium Armor.
Tw3 enchantment level2.png Beguilement Glyphword 2 Journeyman Enemies affected by Axii will be affected for 2s longer for each blow they land.
Tw3 enchantment level1.png Deflection Glyphword 1 Amateur Armor deflects all arrows.
Tw3 enchantment level1.png Depletion Glyphword 1 Amateur Hitting enemies with Aard reduces their Stamina by 50%.
Tw3 enchantment level1.png Dumplings Runeword 1 Amateur Any food consumed regenerates 100% more Vitality, but everything tastes like pierogis.
Tw3 enchantment level2.png Elation Runeword 2 Journeyman Fatal blows dealt with your sword give 0.1 to .25 Adrenaline Points.
Tw3 enchantment level2.png Entanglement Glyphword 2 Journeyman When a trap set by Yrden hits an enemy, an Yrden glyph is placed at that position.
Tw3 enchantment level3.png Eruption Glyphword 3 Master Foes set alight by Igni explode when they die and ignite nearby foes.
Tw3 enchantment level1.png Heft Glyphword 1 Amateur All equipped armor items are treated as Heavy Armor.
Tw3 enchantment level1.png Ignition Glyphword 1 Amateur Enemies set alight with Igni have a 25% chance to ignite other enemies within a 2 yard radius.
Tw3 enchantment level3.png Invigoration Runeword 3 Master When at maximum Vitality, any Vitality regeneration turns into added damage (up to +50%) on your next strike.
Tw3 enchantment level3.png Levity Glyphword 3 Master All equipped armor items are treated as Light Armor.
Tw3 enchantment level1.png Placation Runeword 1 Amateur Once they reach their maximum level, Adrenaline Points steadily decline until they reach 0. During this time Vitality and Stamina regeneration are accelerated and Toxicity declines more quickly.
Tw3 enchantment level3.png Possession Glyphword 3 Master When an opponent influenced by Axii dies, the effect transfers to a nearby target. The effect's duration increases by 2 seconds for each blow the affected target lands.
Tw3 enchantment level1.png Preservation Runeword 1 Amateur Armorer's Table and Grindstone bonuses never expire.
Tw3 enchantment level3.png Prolongation Runeword 3 Master Each unblocked blow increases potion duration time by 0.5s.
Tw3 enchantment level2.png Protection Glyphword 2 Journeyman When you enter combat, there's a 100 percent chance you will automatically get a Quen shield without using any Stamina.
Tw3 enchantment level2.png Rejuvenation Runeword 2 Journeyman Each fatal blow dealt restores 25% of your Stamina.
Tw3 enchantment level3.png Replenishment Runeword 3 Master After you cast a Sign, an Adrenaline Point is consumed and your next sword attack is charged with the power of that Sign.
Tw3 enchantment level3.png Retribution Glyphword 3 Master Gives a 30% Chance of returning a portion of damage received to the attacker.
Tw3 enchantment level2.png Rotation Glyphword 2 Journeyman Igni's basic attack strikes all opponents in a 360-degree radius, but no longer applies the Burning effect.
Tw3 enchantment level2.png Severance Runeword 2 Journeyman Increases the range of Whirl by 1.1 yards and Rend by 1.9 yards.
Tw3 enchantment level1.png Usurpation Glyphword 1 Amateur When an enemy affected by Axii dies, the effect transfers to the nearest target.