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Est Tayiar
Est Tayiar
Elven ruin
Almost due east of the Temerian Partisan hideout
Fast-travel point

Elven ruin Fast-travel point

Map description[]

Long before men first peopled these lands, a beautiful, prospering elven city stood here, centered around the palace of King Maeglor. One day, however, the city's inhabitants began mysteriously dying off in large numbers. According to legend, King Maeglor sensed he, too, would soon perish and cast a powerful spell that caused the earth to swallow the city whole so that no outsider could ever desecrate it. Centuries later, scholars from the Oxenfurt Academy began painstaking excavations of King Maeglor's palace in a search for the causes of the catastrophe. Yet work came to a sudden halt when three subsequent expeditions ventured into the ruins' depths - and were never heard from again...

Associated quests[]