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Esteril Thyssen
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King of Kovir and Poviss
Northern Realms
Flag Kovir&Poviss.svg
Ard Carraigh
Kaer Morhen
Lan Exeter / Pont Vanis
Physical Description
House of Thyssen
Alicja Trojdenidka (mother)
Edmund Thyssen (father)
Agnes of Aedirn (wife)
Baldwin (son)
Marion (daughter)
Eudoxia (daughter)
Xymena (sister)
Ramona (paternal aunt)
Berengaria (paternal aunt)
Radovid IV (first cousin)
Griffin (first cousin)

the Thyssen coat of arms

Esteril Thyssen was the King Kovir and Poviss, the first of the Thyssens, who ascended to the throne after the death of King Gerard of Kovir, the last of the house of Trojden. He was the son of Edmund Thyssen and Alicja Trojdenidka.

He married princess Agnes, daughter of King Videmont of Aedirn. Theirs was a truly romantic tale. When the young couple first met (on the road leading into Ard Carraigh), Esteril was "only" a count, the son of a "mere" margrave and was therefore considered entirely unsuitable to court the princess. The fact that the young Esteril's mother came from blood royal did not sway the king's favour either. Videmont was very conscious of the fact that the man who married his daughter would inherit the crown, so not just any man would do. When Esteril tried to formally propose marriage through his father, the proposal was refused. The proud Koviri margrave had no intention of exposing himself or son to the shame of such a refusal, so Esteril was forbidden to even so much as look at the princess again.

These measures did not work because as luck would have it, because the young couple refused to comply. Both were shrewd enough not to let on in front of the kings. Esteril, posing as a friend of the king's sons, was actually well received by the king in Vengerberg. Videmont was unaware that his children were in on the deception.

One night, Agnes and Esteril simply fled together on horseback. Legend says, that to avoid the wrath of both their fathers, the two hid themselves at Kaer Morhen, the witcher stronghold, but this is unlikely. It is, however, a historical fact that a year after the lovers eloped, Benda, the king of Kaedwen informed both Videmont and Edmund that the two were now grandparents. A grandson, said Benda, of Thyssen blood by the name of Baldwin - named in honour of his great-grandfather, the famous king of Aedirn.

Videmont felt slighted and sulked for some time. After the death of king Gerard, Esteril was hailed as king of both Kovir and Poviss, finally elevating him to a "more suitable rank", even though the union was a fait accomplit. He did dote mightily on his grandsons and later, great-grandsons who were born as a result of that union.

Apart from the their firstborn, Baldwin, Esteril and Agnes had two daughters: Marion and Eudoxia.