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Evil Decision is the first of the module entries in the D'jinni Adventure Editor contest to be released. It was created by Hexenmeister Raven and her team. This module has the complete dialogue in both English and German.

Plot summary[]

What is wrong in Ban Glean, so wrong that Eskel got drunk rather than face it? Geralt has received a message from Eskel, asking him to take over a contract that Eskel claims to be unable fulfil himself. But when Geralt arrives in the village of Ban Glean, he finds that Eskel is still there and apparently healthy, if a bit drunk. Geralt sets out to learn about the contract he is expected to fulfil and more importantly, what is going on in the village that could upset even an experienced Witcher.


Note from the creator[]

  • The most bugs are fixed and the mod is playable with five different endings.
  • We know, that there are still some bugs, but with the EE several things have changed and those remaining bugs are very difficult to fix without having source codes and/or help from CDPR. So at the moment there will be no more bug fixing for this mod.