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Fabio Sachs (the younger) was a young clerk at the Giancardi Bank in Gors Velen. He was described as small and freckle-faced, with frazzled chestnut hair which fell onto the high collar of his grey uniform. He was named after his father.

He showed Ciri around the city, when Yennefer appointed him her "guide and protector". During one of their excursions he told Ciri of his keen desire to travel the world. Feeling suddenly dizzy, the girl proceeded to foretell how he would become a great and famous explorer, travel to previously uncharted parts of world and even have a cape at the very edge of the world named in his honour; but that he would die alone, far from his wife, son, three daughters, and loved ones at the age of fifty four... of a disease for which a name still does not exist.

Although their excursion about town was not entirely without incident, he proved a loyal friend to Ciri and did not tell Yennefer about what occurred with the wyvern.

Ciri put the amulet and coins into her pouch and looked with interest at the boy who had rushed into the office. He was freckled, and his wavy, chestnut hair fell onto the high collar of the grey clerk's uniform.
— pg(s). 63, Time of Contempt (UK edition)