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Main quest
"Family Matters"
Main quest
Suggested level
Crow's Perch
Crookback Bog
The Bloody Baron
1300 XP earned based on the Story and Swords! difficulty level / 120 crown(s)
Bloody Baron
Ciri's Story: The Race
Ciri's Story: The King of the Wolves

Journal entry[]

The baron turned out to be a tough negotiator who knows the full value of the information he possessed. He agreed to tell Geralt about Ciri on one condition: Geralt had to find his wife and daughter first. The women had mysteriously disappeared a short time before. Though the baron had moved heaven and earth to find them, all his efforts had proved fruitless.
Geralt's search for the baron's wife and daughter took him to the local pellar, a sort of soothsayer and folk mage whom Geralt rightly suspected would be well informed about all local goings on.
The pellar shared some juicy gossip with Geralt: supposedly the baron was a drunk and a terror to his family, and his wife's recent pregnancy had ended in a mysterious miscarriage.
The pellar's augurs showed that the miscarried fetus, undoubtedly discarded without a proper burial, had transformed into a dangerous monster: a botchling. The beast was murderous and foud, but could yet do some good. If its curse could be lifted and the monster could be turned into a lubberkin, this latter being, a friendly household guardian, could lead Geralt to the baron's wife and daughter.
Geralt's bosom boiled with wrath as he went to confront the baron. He was ready to drag the truth out of the man with a sword, force him to confess to what had truly happened that fateful night. A witcher in this state is even more effective than usual, so Geralt accomplished this in short order. The baron admitted that his wife had miscarried after one of their frequent rows, and that she and his daughter had fled Crow's Perch. He also agreed to show Geralt where he had buried the miscarried child's remains. When the clock struck midnight, both men set off to find the botchling's grave.
Once Geralt and the baron had reached the unborn babe's place of burial, they did not have to wait long for the botchling to show up.
If Geralt lifts the curse:
The beast hissed and howled and threatened to assume its more monstrous and vicious form, but the two men completed the naming ritual before it could. Then, following ancient custom, they buried the creature under the threshold so that in time it might be reborn as a lubberkin, a household guardian spirit. Geralt hoped this being would help him find the baron's family.
If Geralt kills botchling:
When it did, the monster slayer slew the monster and collected some of its blood - this time not as a trophy but for use in an ancient ritual that, the witcher hoped, would provide him with more information about the fate of the baron's wife and daughter.
The baron's wife and daughter had not fled Crow's Perch unaided – a fisherman living nearby had provided key assistance. Geralt went to the man's hut, where he learned a fiend had attacked the two women during their flight. The beast had torn Anna's horse to shreds, then carried her off into the woods.
One detail the fisherman mentioned rankled in the witcher's mind: it seemed Anna's hands bore strange marks that had burned with fire just moments before the fiend appeared. What could have caused them? What did they mean?
Geralt would have to endure this rankling until he found Anna, who, if still alive, had to be somewhere in Crookback Bog. Tamara, on the other hand, had made it to Oxenfurt, where the fisherman had helped her find shelter with his brother.
Upon hearing this, the baron revealed another scrap of information about Ciri. He told Geralt of a certain afternoon when he and his retinue had decided to celebrate a successful hunt with a bit of horse racing. The race had come to an abrupt halt, however, when a basilisk attacked. Here the baron employed an old storyteller's trick, breaking his tale off at a crucial moment and announcing he would not utter another word until Geralt found his wife.
At long last, after Geralt had fulfilled his part of the bargain and found the baron's wife and daughter, the lord of Crow's Perch relieved the suspense and finished his tale. He recounted how Ciri had been forced to use her powers to save the baron's life. This had drawn the Wild Hunt's attention, so Ciri had had no choice but to flee once more – this time to the Free City of Novigrad. Geralt's search in Velen was at an end.


  • Follow the baron
  • Find the pellar's hut
  • Talk to the pellar
  • Lead the goat to the pellar
  • Read the bestiary entry to learn more about botchlings
  • Defeat the baron in a fistfight
  • Save the stable hand and the horses trapped in the burning stable
  • Open the main gate to stables
  • Tell the baron what you've learned about Anna
  • Tell the baron to show you where he buried his child
  • Use your Witcher Senses to locate where the scent is coming from
  • Use your Witcher Senses to search the room
  • Tell the baron about what you found
  • Talk to the baron
  • Follow the baron
  • Follow the baron to the castle's entrance
  • Protect the baron from wraiths
  • Use the Axii Sign to calm the botchling
  • Protect the baron from wraiths
  • Use the Axii Sign to calm the botchling
  • Summon the lubberkin where the botchling is buried
  • Follow the lubberkin
  • Search the area around the smokehouse using your Witcher Senses
  • Follow the lubberkin
  • Examine the dead horses
  • Follow the lubberkin
  • Talk to the baron about his family
  • Look around the fisherman's hut
  • Find Tamara, the baron's daughter, in Oxenfurt
  • Talk to the baron about Tamara
  • Investigate all the remaining leads in Velen and find the Baron's wife
  • Tell the baron what you've learned about Anna

If you decide to kill the botchling - get ready for a very tough boss fight, probably the hardest one that you had from the beginning of the game till this moment. Taking this path is ten times harder than lifting the curse, but it doesn't give you any sizable additional reward and is not a good one in terms of morality of course.