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Famous Redanian Dynasties
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Contains descriptions of the most illustrious families in the Kingdom of Redania.
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Hearts of Stone
Shani's Clinic
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This book is found in Shani's Clinic in Oxenfurt

Journal entry[]

von Eyegrid
The dynasty's founder, Stephen von Eyegrid, was a simple huntsman. He was knighted by Heribert the Quarrelsome in thanks for saving the life of Prince Vizimir (later King Vizimir II, known as the Just). Dynastic estate: Blaviken region, Huntington Manor, incorporating the largest ballroom in Redania. Dynastic beast: Crane. Notable representatives: Vridank von Eyegrid - Royal Cup-Bearer, Lucienne von Eyegrid - Abbess of the Order of Mother Melitele in Rinbe, Klaus von Eyegrid, known also as the "Blue Knight" - victor of fourteen knightly tournaments.
von Esteken
Hans von Esteken, the founder of this dynasty, purchased his knighthood in 1085 after making a fortune in the furs and pelts trade. Dynastic estate: Ghelibol region, Esteken Manor, incorporating the largest private library in the Northern Realms. Dynastic beast: Beaver. Notable representatives: Suzanna von Esteken - one of the first female poets to publish the Common Tongue, Eleonore von Esteken - mother of King Radovid IV,[1] known as the Bald, Norbert von Esteken - funded the formation of the Faculty of Philosophy at Oxenfurt Academy.
von Everec
The dynasty's founder, Ratibor von Everec, was knighted by King Vridank the Elf for feats of exceptional wartime prowess in the Gulf of Praxeda theatre. Dynastic estate: Oxenfurt region, Von Everec Manor, surrounded by lush gardens famed for incorporating a monumental family crypt. Dynastic beast: Wild Boar. Notable representatives: Bohumil von Everec - Castellan of Roggeveen Castle, Honoratina von Everec - patroness of the artists of Oxenfurt, Kestatis von Everec - Field Hetman of the Crown. Recent decades have seen the von Everecs fall upon hard times, their wealth and status having steadily and gravely declined.


  1. This information seems to be a flagrant inaccuracy when compared to Sapkowski's dynastic descriptions which state that Radovid IV's mother was Ramona Thyssen.