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Fast-travel point Harbor

The Fast travel system is a mechanic introduced in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt due to the significant increase in explorable areas. It enables Geralt to "teleport" between two already discovered signposts, or to a discovered harbor if he is sailing on a boat. Geralt can also jump to a signpost located in another game region and this takes more loading time.

Additionally, if Geralt wanders to the very edge of the explorable game areas, the map interface will appear allowing him to fast travel to any signpost or harbor (if he is at sea).

Tutorial description[]

Signposts allow for Fast Travel between distant locations. To Fast Travel to a location, you must first visit it normally. Only then will a Fast Travel marker appear on the map for that location.


Fast-travel point Signposts[]

There are 10 signposts in White Orchard, 97 signposts in the regions of Velen and Novigrad, 55 signposts on the Skellige Isles, 5 in Kaer Morhen valley and 46 in Toussaint.




Keeps and villages[]

Inns and taverns[]

Other locations[]

Harbor Harbors[]

Harbors are places where you can find a boat. There are 11 harbors in the regions of Velen and Novigrad, 16 in Skellige and 4 in Toussaint.