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Fen Carn, also known as the Meadow of the Barrows, is an elven necropolis situated in Sodden near the fork where the Chotla and the Ina diverge. It lies about 60 miles east of Brokilon and about two miles from the Chotla. It is there that Geralt, Dandelion and Milva first met Regis. An unusually large number of female mandrake plants grows there.

The broad valley in front of them was already shrouded in evening mist from which, as far as the eye could see, protruded thousands of burial mounds and moss-covered monoliths. Some of the boulders were ordinary, shapeless lumps of stone. Others, smoothly hewn, had been sculpted into obelisks and menhirs. Still others, standing closer to the center of this stone forest, were formed into dolmens, cairns and cromlechs, in a way that ruled out any natural processes.
— pg(s). 116, Baptism of Fire (UK edition)