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dike / Landing in the swamp

The ferryman can be found on the dike and on the landing in the swamp. He carries paying customers back and forth between these two locations for 5 orens a trip.

Note: He is not available from the Dike at night.

I also do not know if it is just my twisted mind but there seem to be a lot of allusions to bisexuality in this little exchange! When Geralt first asks Kalkstein about getting to the swamp, he asks "Does the ferry go both ways?". Then later at the dike, who — having played the game — can forget this exchange?

Ferryman: Transport services at the best prices.

Geralt: Take me to the other side.
Ferryman: Made up your mind?

The pay dialogue box appears, Geralt pays his 5 oren(s).

Ferryman: Ready?
Geralt: How many times are you going to ask me that? Mhm. To the swamp.

Since the ferryman is involved in buying beggartick, and we know from both Vaska and the Hierophant that beggartick is used in the production of fisstech, it is possible that our chief means of transportation to and from the swamp is slightly less than legitimate in his other dealings. I wonder, does that make Geralt an accessory to the drug trade in addition to facilitating Jethro's drug habit?

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