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The First Treaty of Lan Exter was a treaty drafted and signed by the kingdom of Kovir and Poviss on the one side, and the kingdoms of Redania and Kaedwen on the other. It was established after the war between the two sides which resulted in a rather surprising and crushing victory for Kovir and Poviss over the two larger kingdoms.

Details of Treaty[]

Gains for Kovir and Poviss[]

  • Mare Liberum Apertum (The sea is free and open) - The main concern of the inhabitants of this kingdom is trade. The Northern Kingdoms were henceforth not allowed to interfere with Kovir's trade.
  • Kovir gained the status of a full kingdom and was no longer the vassal state of another kingdom. It became a free, independent, self-governing and neutral kingdom.

Gains for Kaedwen and Redania[]

  • Radovid III, the king of Redania was thereafter allowed to retain the use of the title of "King of Kovir and Poviss" in official documents until such a time as his death.
  • Benda, the king of Kaedwen was thereafter allowed to use the title of "Sovereign of Caingorn and Malleore" in official documents until such a time as his death.