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Fort Astre Ruins
Fort Astre Ruins
Blood and Wine
ruined fortress
West of Chuchote Cave, Gorgon Foothills
Fast-travel point

Fast-travel point The ruins of Fort Astre contain quite a bit of loot, including a complete set of magic Toussaint knight's armor.

Map description[]

Once upon a time, the lord of Epicéa mounted his steed and vowed to complete a full circuit around the castle – riding atop its walls. Sadly, he did not fulfill his oath and instead plummeted to his doom after a few paces. Cunigunde, his beautiful daughter, swore that day she would only marry the man who could finish her father’s deed. Many a stripling lad lost his life attempting to fulfill that comely maid’s cruel condition. When finally one succeeded, he surveyed the carnage she had wrought and decided she was unworthy of his affections. Realizing with despair how despicably she had acted, Cunigunde threw herself from the castle walls, dying smashed against the rocks below like so many of her unfortunate suitors.

Associated quests[]