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Freixenet was the baron of Hamm, one of the regional governors in Verden. His sister, Eliza, is married to king Ervyll making the baron prince Kistrin's uncle by marriage. In the short story "The Sword of Destiny" in the Sword of Destiny collection by Andrzej Sapkowski, Geralt finds him wounded and possibly near death in the forest of Brokilon.

The witcher manages to convince the dryads not to kill Freixenet but is unable to secure his release. Geralt and Ciri do run into the ex-baron of Hamm again and he reminds the witcher of their first meeting, long before Brokilon, back in Hamm. There, Geralt lifted a curse cast by a jilted lover which had turned Freixenet into a cormorant. The baron's sister, Eliza had previously tried unsuccessfully to lift the curse by making him a shirt made of nettles, but to no avail. It took a witcher and a few hundred gold pieces to lift the curse.

Geralt took great pleasure in telling him that the tale has spread far and wide, not to mention been embellished. Freixenet has since been given ten brothers and given that cormorants were judged insufficiently romantic, his curse was to be turned into a swan, along with his ten brothers. And, of course, Eliza's shirt succeeds.

Ultimately, the governor lives out his days in Duén Canell, initially as a stud for the dryads, eventually he married Braenn.

In the short story "Coś się kończy, coś się zaczyna", he is a guest at Geralt and Yennefer's wedding. He arrives with his wife, Braenn, their five daughters, Morenn, Cirilla, Mona, Eithné and Kashka — all red haired, and evidence of a sixth well on the way. Freixenet is apparently confident it will be a son this time, but Braenn intimates that the "son" will be named "Melissa".