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Treasure hunt
"From Ofier's Distant Shores"
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Treasure hunt
Hearts of Stone
Suggested level
Upper Mill
Kilkerinn Ruins
Hunter's Cottage
Ofieri Merchant / Finding an Ofieri crafting diagram
Diagram: Ofieri sharovary
Diagram: Ofieri gauntlets
Diagram: Ofieri scale armor
Diagram: Ofieri boots

From Ofier's Distant Shores is one of the quests available in Hearts of Stone.

Journal entry[]

If Geralt finds a diagram before talking to the Ofieri merchant:
While wandering the Redanian borderlands Geralt happened across some crafting diagrams written in a foreign tongue. He supposed the language was Ofieri, but, not being a linguist, he could not be certain. Wanting to resolve this mystery, he decided to look around for Ofieris, having made the indisputable deduction that where there are Ofieri documents, there must surely be Ofieris as well.
Geralt talked to the Ofieri merchant:
Who would have expected Geralt to come across a camp of Ofieris somewhere on the Redanian frontier? Yet life can be surprising – travelers from a land far across the sea had indeed chosen to pitch their tents in just such a place. The new arrivals had come to gain knowledge and give gifts, but, since life can be unpleasantly surprising as well, they were attacked and robbed by locals. When Geralt heard about this, he felt sorry for the foreigners' loss and decided to help them retrieve their belongings. Malicious types might claim he only did so to get the crafting diagrams he'd been promised as a reward, but I am not among their number and do not believe that for one instant.
After a great deal of searching, the witcher found the stolen diagrams and delivered them to the merchant as agreed. The merchant repaid him with gratitude and copies of the diagrams translated into a tongue local craftsmen could understand.


If Geralt finds a diagram before talking to the Ofieri merchant:

  • Find someone who can speak Ofieri

Geralt talked to the Ofieri merchant:


  • It is possible to start this quest by talking to the Ofieri Merchant at the Upper Mill. For this you need to check out his wares though.