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Gardic was the third known king of Temeria mentioned in the Saga, the son of Geddes. He married Vulpia, princess of Brugge. It was a typical royal union, agreed upon by the parents and concluded against the wishes of both the youngsters. Gardic never accepted Vulpia as his wife. While he treated her with decency and courtesy, and fulfilled the royal obligations necessary to produce a son and successor to the throne, Goidemar, it was no secret that Gardic looked for love elsewhere. He had many trysts and affairs, but to his credit, he never allowed those to interfere with affairs of state.

His favourite and most famous lover was the beautiful Marquise Carezza Charbonneau. She was married in name to the Marquis, but being a tactful man, he took great care "not to notice" her dalliances. A problem only surfaced when it became apparent that Carezza was pregnant. Since a bastard child, or even the suspicion of a bastard was intolerable, the marquise was banished. She gave birth to a girl while in exile and according to rumours, very quickly packed the child off to the magical academy, Aretuza. That girl, through much hard work, became known as Leticia Charbonneau, headmistress of the academy.

His sister was Maria Pulcheria.