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Garin Estate
Garin Estate
Hearts of Stone
North of the river between Bowdon and Brunwich

Fast-travel point

The Garin Estate is located on the north bank of a river which runs between Bowdon and Brunwich northeast of Novigrad, in the Gustfields region. Olgierd von Everec and the Wild Ones are headquartered there.

Map description[]

Some two hundred and forty years ago, a certain Josen Garin arrived in these lands. A Haaki traveler, writer, brawler and souse, Garin looked around and saw the local meadows in bloom, cool shadows beneath charming glades, and glorious sun-bathed fields. All this inspired him to settle down here for good. His new neighbors treated the arrival with suspicion, yet they changed their minds and warmed to him once he turned a gracious host who would fill their cups once and again with the exquisite wines he had brought with him from his homeland.

Associated quests[]