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Secondary quest
"Ghosts of the Past"
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Secondary quest
Suggested level
Reardon Manor
Bandit camp in Velen
Visiting Reardon Manor (if choices from The Witcher 2 have been included)
125 XP earned based on the Story and Swords! difficulty level

This quest, and indeed the absence or presence of Letho of Gulet in the game, are based on the player choosing to have decisions made in the previous game carried over to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. This choice is an option upon starting a new game and will result in an additional interview during the Imperial Audience quest.

Journal entry[]

"While traversing the inhospitable lands of Velen, Geralt came across an abandoned farming estate. Upon entering the estate's farmhouse, he discovered that, though seemingly uninhabited, it was crammed full of deadly traps. Someone clearly did not want any uninvited guests snooping around the place. Geralt decided to find out who - and why."
What does one expect to find inside an abandoned country manor? Dusty crockery. Moth-eaten doilies. A moldy trophy buck, perhaps, if its inhabitants trod on the wild side. Certainly not the most wanted man north or south of the Yaruga. Yet that, dear reader, is exactly who Geralt found when he entered such a manor in Lindenvale. The assassin of kings himself, Geralt's old acquaintance, his sometime friend and sometime enemy: Letho. He was hiding there from bounty hunters out for his scalp. Geralt, now fully able to remember how Letho and two of his colleagues once saved Yennefer's life, could not refuse him help.
What Letho did next proved he was both clever and fearless. In order to get rid of the bounty hunters breathing down his neck once and for all, he took a crossbow bolt to the chest and faked his own death.

If Geralt kills Letho's pursuers:

This caught Geralt by surprise, and sadly the witcher doesn't always handle surprises with much tact or subtlety. Instead, he usually does what he did this time, namely murder all and sundry within sword's reach. There were thus no witnessess to spread the false news of Letho's death, and the wanted man was right back where he started.

If Geralt doesn't intervene:

This caught Geralt by surprise, but he improvised splendidly. Convinced Letho was dead, Vester and his men rode off to spread the news far and wide. Letho could now simply lie low for a spell and wait for the world to forget about him...

If Geralt suggests Letho go to Kaer Morhen:

Geralt proposed that his old acquaintance seek shelter at Kaer Morhen. Letho hesitated, but in the end accepted the offer.


  • Search the farmstead.
  • Enter the barn
  • Search the barn
  • Find a ladder using your Witcher Senses
  • Kill the bounty hunters
  • Ride with Letho and find Louis
  • Kill the bandits
  • Ride with Letho to Lindenvale
  • Accompany Letho around Lindenvale