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Giant centipedes, also known as "yghern" in Elder Speech, are found in the forest of Brokilon and possibly elsewhere. They are about twelve feet in length with dark brown chitinous armor. They are very dangerous and tend to wrap themselves around their victims before poisoning them. They are related to myriapodans.

While on their way to Duén Canell, Geralt and Braenn confront such a beast who is threatening what appears to be a halfling in the short story "The Sword of Destiny". The "halfling" ultimately turns out to be Ciri.


In the Blood and Wine expansion[]

Giant centipedes
Tw3 journal scolopendromorph.png
Pale Widow
Vulnerable to
Insectoid oils
Giant centipede mandible
Giant centipede discharge
Monster carapace
Greater red mutagen
Acid extract
Chitinous shell
Monster blood
Monster heart
Monster stomach
Monster tooth

Giant centipedes are apparently quite common in Toussaint. Bestiary entries for them can be obtained by reading the following books:

Bestiary entry[]

Among the fascinating flora and fauna of the duchy of Toussaint, one also encounters creatures of the decidedly unpleasant sort, such as giant centipedes. Not only do these beasts look hideous to the eye, they can do colossal damage to the flesh as well. I decidedly advise against them.
– “A Visit to Toussaint,” one of the many guides authored by Peterin Safles
Giant centipedes are enormous, insect-like monsters which can be found in many places in the world, but are particularly common in the lands (or more precisely, under the lands) of Toussaint. There they often dwell in close comity with shaelmaars, for a sort of monstrous symbiosis has developed between them: giant centipedes feed on the small creatures which eat Shaelmaar dung.
Hard, chitinous armor covers nearly the entire body of a giant centipede. Sticking out from under this carapace are rows of hooked limbs. Giant centipedes are able to burrow into the ground with shocking speed, only to then appear back on the surface in another place. Once they select a target, they will circle it determinedly, trying to get close enough to deliver a blow. They attack primarily with their powerful mandibles, but they also possess glands allowing them to spew acid.
The greatest obstacle when fighting giant centipedes is their thick armor, which deflects most blows not only from weapons, but also from magical means – such as those dealt by simple spells or witcher Signs.
When attacked with a weapon, they will often parry the strike, then quickly reply with their own forceful counter. Thus the best method for fighting them is to catch them in an Yrden trap, keeping them from protecting themselves with their armor or burrowing into the ground.

In The Witcher computer game[]

Giant centipede
Bestiary Centipede full.png
Giant centipedes are encountered in forests or on meadows, in regions where they find many places to hide; due to their simple nervous system, they see almost everything as a source of food
Immune to blinding, bleeding and knockdown attempts; resistant to stun attempts
Sensitive to silver and Insectoid Oil
They are blind, but they sense tremors; in combat they try to knock opponents down and poison them; their acid venom causes pain
venom glands
Additional goods
Chitinous carapace

Journal Bestiary Entry[]

"Giant centipedes are said to have been raised in the Brokilon Forest and released into the world by vengeful dryads. The creatures are believed to be invincible, as they simply divide into two separate living beasts when cut in half. All this nonsense about giant centipedes only shows how intensely common people fear these venomous beasts, as they fear all things that are not human."




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