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Gwent unknown gnome.png
A gnome in Gwent: The Witcher Card Game
General Information
Mountain ranges of Mahakam[1] and Tir Tochair[2]
Novigrad and other human cities
Gnomish Speech, Common Speech
Agility and cleverness;
Metalurgy and jewelry skills;
Well-developed alchemy
Physical Description
0.9 - 1.0 m
Other distinctions
Long, pointed noses;[3]
Pointed teeth;[4]
Pointed ears;[5][6][7]
Keen sense of smell

a gnome in Wiedźmin: Gra Wyobraźni

Gnomes are one of the humanoid races. Gnomes were the oldest sentient race on the northern half of Continent[1] and together with dwarves and elves are called the Old races. Gnomes are shorter and weaker than dwarves, but just as tough and more agile. They can be easily distinguished from dwarves and halflings by their long noses and pointed teeth as well as more slender shape of body.

Dwarves and Gnomes are related races living in similar conditions, similarly dealing mainly with mining and metallurgy, having a similar clan structure of society. There are, however, significant differences: dwarven people are bigger than gnomes (the height of a dwarf is 1.2 - 1.35 m compared to the height of a gnome: 0.9 - 1.0 m) and more stocky. Dwarves always have beards, gnomes either cut their beards short or don't have them at all. Even an exceptionally large and strong gnome with a well-groomed beard can not be confused with a dwarf. Everything is decided by the length of the nose: gnomes have exceptionally long noses, twice as long as the noses of humans and dwarves.

Many gnomes live in Mahakam along with the dwarves, although others inhabit the Tir Tochair mountain range. Their society is said to be similar to dwarven clan structures, though less authoritarian, resembling large communes lead by people's assemblies and respected persons.[5] Members of this race are quite fun-loving, which is indicated by a saying "stir up trouble like a tipsy gnome". They often make excellent alchemists, smiths and metallurgists and their gwyhyr swords are considered the best in the world. Gnomish communities live in human cities as well, where their members work as jewelers, artisans or pawnbrokers. Immature gnomes often work as gofers and office boys for dwarven banks. Some gnomes, on the other hand, tend to prefer simplier ways of life and become burglars[6] or highwaymen.[8]

Little is known about the gnomish religion apart from the fact it allowed some of gnomes avoid conscription to the Nordling army by claiming a religious exemption.[9] It is speculated that they worship some deity preferring joint work for the common good over pointless fighting.[10] It is possible their religion is somehow connected to the advanced gnomish alchemy, especially by concept of the Sephirot which are said to be ten elements of the Tree of Life, or aspects of divinity mortals are capable of knowing.[11]

According to The Eye of Yrrhedes role-playing game by Andrzej Sapkowski, they are peculiarly hated by kobolds, being in a constant state of war with them. Two gnomish burglars appear briefly in Chapter 7 of The Ceasless Light novel, third part of his Hussite Trilogy.


Notable gnomes[]

Other known gnomes[]


In The World of the Witcher[]

"Gnomes, though shorter than dwarves and not as strong, are equally resistant to hardship and much more agile. This ancient and noble race is characterized by their long, pointy noses, in which they take great pride... Like dwarves, they love their handiwork, and are particularly adept at the arts of the metallurgist, the armorer, the jeweler, and the goldsmith. Not many, however, elect to ply their trade beyqnd their native lands, since their grand mastery, and the profits which it brings, inevitably becomes the object of envy and thus human aversion, which ends in slander at best and pogroms at worst."

– Reverend Jarre of Ellander the Elder, "The Truthful Description of the Elder Races"

— pg(s). 41, The World of the Witcher

In The Witcher computer game[]

A. A. Kalkstein, alchemist rumored to be of gnomish origin

There are no gnomes in the game, although some of the characters do muse about origins of Kalkstein, an alchemist with a passion for gnomish alchemy.

Glossary Entry[]

Glossary Gnomes

"Gnomes are secretive and mysterious. Most of them live in Mahakam and are allied with the dwarves; they seldom interact with humans. Gnomes are talented craftsmen, miners and inventors. Their technology is superior to that of humans, and gnome weapons can be equaled by no others. They are also considered the eldest race on the continent."