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Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.

Gramps is an old cannibal who lives in the island hut in the north-east part of the swamp. Geralt first meets him near the landing. When he asks if Gramps has any witcher's work, he is offered the opportunity to escort the old man to Melitele's Shrine. Geralt points out that he was hoping for paid work, but takes the job anyway. (There is the option to tell Gramps to "piss off".)

He is especially partial to elf meat, but finds dwarf meat, at least he thinks it was a dwarf he fought a drowner for, too stringy. He also has some standards: he never eats children. I guess that is some comfort.

During Flowers and Gold, if Geralt asks him about beggartick, Gramps will give him the formula for Perfume. He also has a copy of Ain Soph Aur and can also provide the formula for Hanged man's venom, depending whether Geralt chooses to spare him, or kill him for the monster that he is.

During A lost Lamb, if Geralt asks him about the lost boy before talking to the druids, Gramps will tell him that he does not know anything and redirect him to the druids.

Associated quests[]


  • He has a copy of Ain Soph Aur.
  • He knows the formulae to Hanged man's venom, Maribor Forest, Perfume, and King and Queen.
  • If you kill him, depending on the timing, the lumberjacks may turn on you. On his body you will find Wives' Tears, amber, and 30 oren(s).
  • Gramps may be a reference to The Picture in the House, a short story by H.P. Lovecraft. In Lovecraft's story, there is also an old, cannibalistic man living in an remote, dilapidated hut.
  • Sometimes he will bug out when you enter the cave in the swamp. He can be found again near the ferryman, but he will not follow you anymore, even after speaking to him, reloading the game, and triggering cutscenes with him. You can still complete the quest by shoving him to the Shrine. He will, however, still flee from monsters. But he will still not follow you.
  • Gramps is based on a character that Ciri encounters while trying to make her way back to her own time and place to find Geralt and Yennefer in The Lady of the Lake.
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