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Secondary quest
"Gwent: Never Fear, Skellige's Here"
Tw3 bw count monnier.jpg
Secondary quest
Blood and Wine
Suggested level
All over Toussaint, 19 locations.
Talk to Count Monnier or
Play gwent against one of 19 players in Toussaint, e.g. the herbalist at Castel Ravello.
19× Skellige deck gwent cards
basic Skellige gwent deck
Gwent: To Everything - Turn, Turn, Tournament!

Gwent: Never Fear, Skellige's Here is a secondary quest in the Blood and Wine expansion.

Journal entry[]

While travelling in Toussaint, Geralt learned of the existence of a new deck. It was inspired by the Skellige Isles and their inhabitants. Since the new Skellige faction had just made its debut, Geralt decided to seize the moment and gather all the cards belonging to it before other collectors could get their paws on them.
Geralt did what he had set out to do. After many a victorious hand of gwent, he finally had all the cards from the Skellige deck. Though it cost him a great deal of effort, it was all worth it, for the new cards were truly beautiful sights to behold.


  • Collect all the missing cards in the Skellige Deck. (19)
  1. Cerys: Innkeep at The Barrel and Bung Inn
  2. Clan Brokvar Archer: Herbalist at Castel Ravello
  3. Clan Dimun Pirate: Merchant at the Dupont & Sons
  4. Clan Drummond Shield Maiden: Armorer of Francollarts
  5. Clan Drummond Shield Maiden: Innkeep at The Cockatrice Inn
  6. Draig Bon-Dhu: Innkeep at The Pheasantry
  7. Ermion: Innkeep at the The Scarlet Cardinal Inn
  8. Kambi: Armorer in central Hauteville
  9. Crach an Craite or King Bran: Ducal Camerlengo at The Ducal Camerlengo
  10. Light Longship: Merchant at the Perfumery
  11. Mardroeme: Herbalist at the Herb Store in Beauclair
  12. Mardroeme: Madame at The Belles of Beauclair
  13. Olaf: Sommelier at The Adder and Jewels Winery
  14. Skellige Storm: Armorer at the Tourney Grounds
  15. Skellige Storm: Barber at the Tourney Grounds
  16. Skellige Storm: Butcher at the Beauclair Port
  17. War Longship: Innkeep at the Tourney Grounds
  18. Young Berserker: Blacksmith at the Tourney Grounds
  19. Young Berserker: Pierre at the Tailor's Workshop