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Tw3 gwent morale.png

Gwent Morale boost cards add +1 strength to all units in the row in which they are played, excluding themselves.

Icon Name Type Combat row Strength Source Deck
Tw3 icon gwent siege northern realms.png
Kaedweni Siege Expert Unit
1 Part of the base deck
Tw3 gwent deck Northern Realms.png
Tw3 icon gwent soldier scoia tael.png
Isengrim Faoiltiarna Hero
Close combat
10 during A Dangerous Game, looted from Zed's house
Tw3 gwent deck Scoiatael.png
Tw3 icon gwent range scoia tael.png
Milva Unit
Ranged combat
10 during A Matter of Life and Death, win a match at the masquerade ball at the Vegelbud Estate
Tw3 gwent deck Scoiatael.png
Tw3 icon gwent range monsters.png
Kayran Hero
Close or Ranged combat
8 Random, from playing a craftsman or merchant
Tw3 gwent deck Monsters.png
Tw3 icon gwent melee skellige.png
Olaf Unit
Close or Ranged combat
12 Blood and Wine:
Sommelier at The Adder and Jewels Winery
Tw3 gwent deck Skellige.png
Tw3 gwent card back ranged.png
Olgierd von Everec Unit
Close combat or Ranged combat
6 Hearts of Stone:
from Shani